Thrift Sale

Well what is it? Do you know? Perhaps you can shine your shoes with it. Maybe it belongs in a haberdasher’s shop. Do you suppose the leopard skin is real? How did it get from Italy to Wisconsin? The handles are real leather, but WHAT IS IT?


There is nothing like a thrift sale to unleash the imagination of curious minds. What on Earth is that thing? Who do you suppose donated the gold colored wall plaques, new in the box? Why are there so many ceramic, fabric, and plastic knickknacks? And why are so many of them rabbits? Were they on the sale tables too long without supervision and multiplied? No one seems to know, but it sure is fun guessing!

Slowly over two days shoppers came to inspect the St. James Trinity sale items in search of the perfect treasure to keep, share, or resell. They wandered about gathering items before heading to the food tables, where fresh baked bread, pastries, sweets, newly picked strawberries and decadent calories awaited them. The smell of cooking brats also drew a crowd of hungry folks, slightly fatigued from shopping the many Village of Fall Creek sales.


Alongside the ordinary kitchen items, clothing, linens, toys, electronics and games, was a large portable basketball hoop from the parsonage.  A just-arrived sofa jumped from the new Pastor’s moving van into position for a quick sale.  The proceeds from the two-day sale will help reduce church debt and assist donors in uncluttering their homes. There were no purple paisley shirts for sale, but if one were found, surely someone would want it.


Ever wonder what the various names for sales mean? A yard sale is typically on the lawn in front or back of a residence. A garage sale usually has items displayed in the garage, but they may spill out if too numerous. The term rummage sale is often used when shoppers have to dig through the goods to discover treasures. A block sale involves multiple owners, while a community sale, like this one in Fall Creek, is basically a block sale on steroids. At church sales or church bazaars the profits go to the church or a designated fund. And finally, a thrift sale suggests that items just won’t cost too much. Call them what you want, these sales are sure to invite interested people to come and search through discarded items and enjoy a snack at the same time. This year it helped that the weather behaved and the native insects were apparently sleeping-in and forgot to make an appearance.


A hearty thanks to all the volunteers and who set-up, worked, and dissembled this year’s successful St. James Trinity sale. The unsold items will be donated to charity where they will once again have a chance to find a new home. Thanks also to the customers who came, enjoyed, dined and carried new treasures away!