Getting to Know Nancy Biedermann

St. James Trinity is pleased to welcome Nancy Biedermann and her husband, Rick Biedermann, to the parish and community. Everyone will easily get to know Pastor Biedermann through his preaching and interaction with members. But what about Nancy? Who is she? What is her story?


Nancy grew up in Minnesota, the daughter of a Lutheran minister. She was one of four siblings. Her brother now lives in Menomonie, one sister in River Falls, and the other sister in Indiana.


Nancy worked as a Registered Nurse for about ten years in several places including Rochester and St. Joseph’s in Marshfield. Her practice areas included medical-surgical nursing, oral-plastic surgery, rehabilitation and post-partum.


During the time when she stayed home to raise her family, she worked as an Associate in Special Education in the school system. Though currently not employed, Nancy says that she is open to considering all kinds of part time jobs.  “Perhaps I’ll start a third career!” she says, with an intrigued smile.


Nancy met Rick at Okoboji Bible Camp in Milford, Iowa. He was serving as a camp counselor, she the camp nurse.  Her eyes twinkle and her smile stretches as she speaks of the loving camp environment, the camaraderie with caring people, and the camp adventures woven with laughter.


Pastor Rick and Nancy were married in 1983. They are blessed with a son, daughter, and now grandchild. Nancy’s love for her family springs forth through her caring words and expressions. She is excited to speak of several special events that will be happening in her family soon. Make sure to ask Nancy about them so that she can delight in sharing the good news!


Nancy recognizes the importance of balance in life. While she appreciates being in closer proximity to her children, she also respects their boundaries. She enjoys reading, cooking healthy foods and finding time for rest and exercise. She is quick to admire flowering perennials and is currently nurturing the blooming pink rose bush in the parsonage front yard.  She likes walking and discovering the neighborhoods in Fall Creek, and has already joined Pastor Rick in biking parts of the Old Abe Trail near Jim Falls.


Most of all, Nancy enjoys meeting and getting to know people from all backgrounds and ages. Nancy’s roots are Norwegian (and Swedish), like the founders of English Lutheran in Bateman. Rick’s are German, like the founders of this church. As these two individuals share a life together, so also have these two churches joined to share their ministries. Don’t be surprised as Nancy moves about the church to sit in different spots each Sunday. She will soon be coming to a pew near you! This is her chance to meet and get to know you a little better. Make sure that you don’t miss the opportunity to meet her right back……you will be delighted!