At St. James Trinity we have an active choir that sings regularly on Sunday mornings, except during the summer.


The choir meets every Wednesday evening at 6:00 for a one-hour practice. They sing a mix of traditional and contemporary music from unison to 4-part anthems.


The choir is comprised of a fun and friendly group of singers.  No auditions are necessary to become a member. In addition to lively choir practices, the group gets together for a variety of social activities periodically throughout the year, helps to sponsor a needy family at Christmas time, and rings bells for the Salvation Army.


We encourage everyone of ALL ages and talents to join us.


Share your voice..
Singing with the choir serves the Lord, is joyful, sets a good example for others and is like praying twice.  But there are other advantages to joining the choir that you might not know about.  Here are some other reasons you should join.
  1. You always get a great seat where you can see everything.
  2. Rehearsal on Wednesday evenings means a night without the kids/grandkids/ spouse.
  3. Single men: The ratio of women to men in choir is 4:1. Of course not all of the women are single, but some are.
  4. Children: The first three kids that get their parents to join get a free pet.
  5. You get complements on a Sunday morning and maybe even applause.  Seriously, when is the last time anyone ever applauded you?
  6. The choir director might decide to take the choir to Germany.  You KNOW you love sauerkraut.
  7. Choir parties are fun, but what happens at the choir party, stays at the choir party.
  8. Youth: Voluntary participation in a group looks really good on college/other applications and makes your parents happy too. Having happy parents improves your likelihood of getting a new phone or car.
  9. Your joyful noise may prevent church members from nodding-off, which is the leading cause of pew-induced head trauma.
  10. Singing in the choir is good for your lungs and your general health.  It’s like free medical care.
  11. Some of the best jokes happen in choir.  Don’t miss your chance to chuckle yourself silly.
  12. You will get to spend time with Pete.  Enough said!

Let us make a joyful noise and praise God together!