The church library provides valuable resources for Bible studies and faith-based, clean reading for children and adults. Please continue to visit our library and check out the books and DVD’s. Children, men and women will all find books that will bring enjoyment and relaxation after a long day. Stop in before or after church. PARENTS: BRING YOUR CHILDREN! Adult books are grouped by subject CATEGORY. We also have a LARGE PRINT section. Children’s books are sorted by E (EASY); Y (YOUTH); J (JUNIOR); and BB (BOARD BOOK).
SELF CHECKOUT_PROCEDURE: If the library is not staffed when you visit, put the your first and last name and the current date on the cards with the items. You can leave the cards on the library desk. Return items to the box on the library desk.

NEW TO OUR LIBRARY (October 2018)

The Case For Grace by Lee Strobel. Category 5 (Devotional). A journalist explores the evidence of transformed lives. “What is Grace really about? Can it truly renew people’s lives? Strobel reveals details about his own journey from atheism to Christianity.” Donated by Irene Emmer

The Story For Children – A Storybook Bible by Max Lucado, Randy Frazee, and Karen Davis Hill. Category J (Junior) Short Bible stories and colorful illustrations make a most attractive book. Anonymous Donor.

The Story. Category LP (Large Print) “The Bible as one continuing story of God and his People. New International Version (NIV) Bible text. LARGE PRINT. Bible events, characters, and teachings. The story of the Bible in its own words.” Donated by Irene Emmer

Amish Country Crossroads by Beverly Lewis. Category 1 (Fiction) Three best-selling novels in one volume. EASY TO READ PRINT SIZE. Contains: The Postcard; The Crossroad; and Sanctuary. Donated by Carol Cance

What Is God Like? by Kathleen Long Bostrom. Category E (Easy) “Let your child enjoy the colorful illustrations while you read the story about the wonder and majesty of God.” A Little Blessings book. Anonymous Donor

Who Is Jesus? by Kathleen Long Bostrom. Category E “The most important questions you’ll ever answer are those that your child asks about Jesus.“ Colorful illustrations. A Little Blessings book. Anonymous Donor

My Christmas Bible Storybook. Category BB (Board Book for youngest children) A colorful Precious Moments board book. It is a CHRISTMAS story book for you to read to your small children. Anonymous Donor

Prayers and Poems for Children. Category E Colorful illustrations on each page accompany the short prayers and poems. Anonymous Donor

Beginnings – Read Me A Bible Story AND Read Me A Bible Story by Elizabeth Friedrich Category E Short Bible stories for children. Anonymous Donor

The Story Bible Category E Read the Bible with your children. Short Bible stories with illustrated pages. Anonymous Donor



Like Dandelion Dust by Karen Kingsbury. Category 1 (Fiction)“Joey Campbell’s biological father is released from prison Four-year-old Joey’s adoptive parents must watch as Joey is returned to his biological parents. Joey picks a dandelion before he leaves. Can he be rescued and saved?“ Read and find out. Donated by Carol Cance

Take Two by Karen Kingsbury. Category 1 (Fiction) ABOVE THE LINE SERIES – BOOK 2. “Features the Baxter family. A desperate temptation, a driven determination, an undying dream.“ Donated by Carol Cance

Someday by Karen Kingsbury. Category 1 (Fiction) SUNRISE SERIES – BOOK 3. “Baxter family drama. A desperate time, a determined love, and a sister’s quest for reconciliation.“ Donated by Carol Cance

Found by Karen Kingsbury. Category 1 (Fiction) FIRSTBORN SERIES – BOOK 3. “Some secrets are worth revealing – no matter the cost.” Donated by Carol Cance


Leaving by Karen Kingsbury. Category 1 BAILEY FLANAGAN SERIES – BOOK 1. “The series of four begins with Bailey leaving Bloomington for the adventures of a lifetime. She has won an audition for a New York musical. Is she ready? She also has concern about her boyfriend Cody Coleman. Features members of the Baxter family.“ Donated by Carol Cance

Learning by Karen Kingsbury. Category 1 BAILEY FLANAGAN SERIES – BOOK 2. “This book picks up where Leaving ended. Bailey and Cody are separated by both physical and emotional distance. She pursues her dream to be an actress and dancer and he as a high school football coach.“ Donated by Carol Cance

Longing by Karen Kingsbury. Category 1 BAILEY FLANAGAN SERIES – BOOK 3. “Continue the story. This book follows Learning. Bailey grows close to a co-star and his lifestyle as she wonders if her days with Cody are over.” Donated by Carol Cance

Loving by Karen Kingsbury. Category 1 BAILEY FLANAGAN SERIES – BOOK 4. “Bailey and Cody are still leading their own lives. Bailey continues to date the movie star and now wonders if she has agreed to marry the right man. Read the final book in this series and find out who the groom will be.“ Donated by Carol Cance

The librarians always welcome your suggestions for books and DVD’s to add to our library collection. If you have read something (new or already in our library) that you really enjoyed, we also appreciate receiving reviews that we can pass on to other readers. Just write a short description and leave it on the library desk for Carol.








LIBRARY NEWS! (June 2018)

While we aren’t meeting as a group for Bible Study these summer months, you can continue to study scriptures from the Church Library. We have some fabulous DVD’s that are set up in a study guide format with an accompanying booklet.

Highly Recommended Are:
1. Five Things God Uses to Grow our Faith by Andy Stanley
2. If You Want to Walk on Water, You’ve Got to get Out of the Boat by James Ortberg
3. Anxious for Nothing, Finding Calm in a Chaotic World by Max Lucado

You will find these above the Greeting Cards on a shelf labeled Bible Study.

If you would rather read a book than watch a DVD, we have some awesome selections also displayed on the Bible Bookshelf.


Highly Recommended:
1. God is Closer Than You Think by John Ortberg

2. The principle of the Path, How to Get From where You Are to Where You
Want to Be by Andy Stanley.

3. The Jesus Creed by Scott McKnight (has accompanying Daily Devotional).

4. Jesus, the One & Only by Beth Moore.


Did you know that the SJT library now has 150 DVD’s!! Come and check them out. 


New adult/family DVD’s (7-2017):




Miracles From Heaven: This is the true story of a young girl with an incurable disorder. Her mother (Jennifer Garner) searches for ways to save her. After surviving a fall from a tree, the young girl tells of visiting heaven, and then shows signs of recovering. This movie shares the same producers with Heaven is for Real. Irene Emmer (library assistant) highly recommends this DVD, saying “it will make you cry, laugh and love it!”

When the Game Stands Tall: This drama, stars Jim Caviezel, who also played the role of Jesus in The Passion of Christ. It tells the journey of Bob Ladouceur, the legandary football coach who took his high school team from obscurity to a 151-game winning streak.

Seven Days in Utopia: This film is a Christian sports drama centered on a young golfer, who after a horrible debut on the pro golf circuit, crashes his car. He is stranded in Utopia, Texas where he encounters an eccentric rancher (played by Robert Duvall) who provides guidance, instructions and life lessons.

Jesus of Nazareth: The 40th Anniversary Edition of the complete miniseries, has recently been added to the library.



New DVD’s (6-2017)


Mom’s Night Out is a hilariously funny movie all parents will enjoy, but especially moms. It is produced by the Erwin Brothers. Sean Astin, who played Sam from the Lord of the Rings, is the dad. It also stars Alex Kendrick from Courageous.


In the story, Allyson and her friends want a peaceful evening with grown-ups…..a moms’ night out. Their husbands agree to watch the kids for three hours—what could go wrong? This is a wonderful family comedy that celebrates the beautiful mess called parenting.



Ben-Hur, another new library acquisition, is the 2016 remake of the original 1959 movie. It is great for the whole generation of young people who may not be familiar with Ben-Hur. It is produced by Mark Burnett and Roma Downey, well known for producing both The Bible and A.D. the Bible Continues, as seen on TV.


The movie includes the famous chariot race, but with additional scenes furthering the connection between Jesus and Ben-Hur. This amazing action film is definitely worth checking out.



Book Review by Irene Emmer (March 2017)


Jesus, The One and Only
Moore, B. (2002). Jesus, the One and Only. Nashville: Broadman & Holman.


I just finished reading Jesus, the One and Only, by Beth Moore. It was donated to the St. James Trinity Library by Pastor Joanne Sorenson. This wonderful book takes you from Jesus’ birth to His ascension in a unique and reflective way that is comforting, inspiring, and very thought-provoking.


While I was reading Moore’s take on the Parable of the Sower (which we have all heard thousands of times) what crossed my mind was, “Wow, I’ve never thought of that before!” It reminded me of some of Pastor Joanne’s sermons when she would share a point from scripture in a different way that caught your attention.


This book is an amazing gift to us. There are some parts of this book that may resonate more with women readers, since the author does look at things from her perspective, but all will be able to appreciate and enjoy it.


Here is an excerpt: Remember Jesus eventful trip across the sea to the territory of Gerasenes? Tired from a hard day of ministry, Jesus slept on the boat ride until a sudden storm threatened the boat – and the disciples’ faith. After rebuking the waves – and a boatload of disciples – Jesus arrives to the other side where He is promptly met by a naked man, possessing superhuman strength, and housing so many demons his name was ‘Legion’. Notice that the second Christ stepped His foot on their ‘turf’ the demons knew Him – they recognized His authority as Jesus, son of God. Might the demons have anticipated Christ’s coming? Thus, the storm Jesus and the disciples encountered on the way there- an attempt by the ‘kingdom of darkness’ to discourage Christ’s arrival. We see a hint toward the possibility of this idea in the way Christ rebuked the wind and waters as if they were disobedient. Just food for thought, but it would help to explain why the demoniac man met Christ on the shore knowing for certain who He was.