Sunday School

St. James “Faith & Fun” Program

Sunday, December 16th during worship. There will be practice on December 9th from 9:30-11:30am. A light snack will be provided.



Now on Sundays during Worship!

This September, Faith & Fun is changing from Wednesday evening to Sunday mornings during the worship service. The worship service and the education time are seen as all part of learning and growing in faith. We will use curriculum based on the lectionary (the assigned scripture readings for each Sunday) so there will be a common theme for families to discuss. We will dismiss the children after the children’s message to go to their respective classes. The Prayground area (designated place for children in the entryway) will still be used for the younger children. The kids will return to worship at the time of the offering to bring up a project or craft they worked on as part of their offering. We realize this is a shorter amount of time but the teachers felt like that was about the length of attention span for most of the kids. We also hope that more adults will be available to help take turns teaching at this time. If any parents would still like to have a Wednesday option we would be willing to provide the curriculum and training for them to use and teach.

Confirmation will still meet on Wednesdays from 3:30 to 4:30 pm. 100_0699!


First Communion Class 2017

The first communion class prepares bread for serving at communion on Maundy Thursday.  Sue Sell served as their kitchen baking guide!



Wednesday “Faith and Fun” is loaded with opportunities for children to grow in faith and to have fun at the same time! One part of each Wednesday’s activities includes SINGING!  The children, under the musical leadership of Brian Kent and Joan Schiefelbein, play percussion instruments as they sing both children’s songs and old familiar tunes like Amazing Grace and Peace Like a River. They especially enjoy action songs where they can raise their arms and spin about as they sing their praise.  “I love it when they know a song, like it, and just sing loudly,” said Joan. “Their favorite song that we did for Christmas was Go Tell It on the Mountain.” The number of children in attendance varies from week to week, but one thing remains constant…. they have FUN as they MAKE A JOYFUL NOISE UNTO THE LORD!


Mother’s Day/Father’s Day Recognition

The children of St. James Trinity offered their voices and talents in thankfulness for loving parents, who care for them and teach them to know Jesus.

On Mother’s Day, the children participated in various parts of the liturgy by reading prayers and Bible verses, helping to collect a noisy “coin” offering, and even assisting in the Benediction. The children sang a song with the adult choir which joyfully expressed their gladness at being with their moms in the house of the Lord.


Mom's Day 2016 5Mother's Day 2015Mom's Day 2016 2Mom Day 2016 1



Children’s Christmas Program

Christmas logo

At the Children’s Christmas Program this year, guests included the Holy Family, several sheep, a donkey, angels, a story narrator, three wise men, and others. Children recited verses, the narrator told the nativity story, the angels sang, and there was a joint choir song with both the children and the adult choir. The chancel was glowing with beautiful artwork and wonderful costumes made by the Faith and Fun staff/helpers. Everyone enjoyed the opportunity to delight in the joy of the Christmas story as shared by the children. Thank you one and all for sharing your gifts!
Christmas Program 2015Christmas Program 2015dChristmas Program 2015b


A very special visitor, FloyAnn from Hatchville, also comes on a regular basis to help teach the children through her story telling and ability to find humor and meaning in God’s grace.  Here she is clucking a story about faith!
Parents are encouraged to bring their children to Sunday School to meet other kids and have a good time while learning about God.
Floyann Show2 2015Sunday School 2015you r my sunshine song100_0665