Church Council

2019 St. James Trinity Council:
Don Sedgeman, President
Travis Kaeding, Vice President
Suellen Hageness, Treasurer
Maxine O’Brien, Secretary
Ron Menard
Dick Mandehr
Mike Vagts
Loretta Carter
Mark Kaeding
April Marty


St. James Trinity Annual Reports are available here: 
SJT Annual Report 2018
Annual Report 2017
Annual Report 2016 Part 1
Annual Report 2016 Part 2

Church Council Meeting Minutes are available here:

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2019 March 5

2019 February 6

2019 January 27 Annual Meeting

2019 January 8

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Covenant Partnership Agreement

The Covenant Partnership Agreement between English Lutheran Church of Bateman, Wisconsin and St. James Trinity Lutheran Church of Fall Creek, Wisconsin was ratified at St. James Trinity by unanimous vote on March 12, 2017.  The ratification vote from English Lutheran Church was also approved.


Property Committee Update: February 2018


At the first meeting of 2018, the St. James Trinity Property Committee completed a list of improvements needed to both the church and parsonage properties. These items are things that are being budgeted for, but will also include future fundraising events to help cover the costs.
Replacing the furnace, and raising money to replace the furnace will be our main effort in the next few months. The furnace is no longer efficient and also poses safety issues.

Church Property Needs:
1. Replace furnaces, update heating system.
2. Update Administrative Assistant office.
3. Have energy analysis performed.
4. Complete landscaping in front of the church.
5. Paint exterior doors.
6. Replace elevator rollers.
7. Install door chimes and camera for security purposes.
8. Firebox for church records.

Parsonage Needs:
1. Replace worn window treatments in dining and living room.
2. Concrete work to repair sidewalk.
3. Concrete work to repair basement wall.
4. Replace/repair exterior pavers in patio area.
5. Remove electrical outlet in laundry room floor.
6. Install folding door into the basement.
7. Inspect window storms and screens.
8. Clean siding.
9. New window estimates (window doesn’t open correctly, glass is fogged up)
10. Refinish hardwood floors.

2018 Property Committee:
Ron Menard – Chairman, Dale Reetz, Deb Burfield, Dick Mandehr, Duane Rugotzke, Jeff Barth, Loretta Carter, Steve Bischoff, Steve Oas, and Suellen Hageness